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About Evviva   

In Italian, the word "Evviva " loosely translates
to 'cheers","hurray."
The world's first true pizzeria, "Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba", opened in 1830 and is still in business today at Via Port'Alba 18 in Naples. Pizzerias in this era usually included a large brick oven, a marble counter where the crust was prepared, and a shelf lined with ingredients. Contemporary Neapolitan pizzerias are prepared in the same way they were 100's of years ago. The unique flavor of these brick-oven pizzas is unmatched. Pizzaioli often assemble the entire pizza on a marble counter right before the customer's eyes.

True Neapolitan  pizza  must be cooked in a wood-fired oven and the final product must be soft, elastic and easy to fold in two. It is characterized by its raised, golden crust, soft to the touch with the red of the tomato visible through the white spots of the mozzarella.

Tradition and quality

Evviva Woodfired Pizza,

Specializes in Wood-fired Neapolitan pizza using the freshest organic/all natural ingredients such as organic extra virgin olive oil, organic flour, all natural Fior de Latte mozzarella, imported San Marzano tomatoes from Campagnia region of Italy,
imported 24 month cured Prosciutto de Parma, organic/all natural/nitrate free cured meats from Zoe's Charcuterie...cooked in 800F apple wood fired oven, to create an unmistakable taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza.
The rules for authentic Neapolitan pizza serve primarily to guarantee its simplicity. The dough can be made only with finely ground flour, yeast, and water, and it must be shaped by hand, without the use of a rolling pin. The pizza must be cooked on the floor of a wood-burning oven, not in a pan.


Benvenuto al Evviva la pizza